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value added tax
The full name of VAT is VAT (value added tax), i.e. value-added tax, which is widely used in EU countries for taxpayers' production and business activities. In European countries, sellers who have registered VAT need to pay VAT tax according to the sales in Europe. To pay VAT tax, you need a tax code belonging to your own taxpayer, that is, VAT number.

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The goods were seized by the customs and could not be cleared
Face huge fines for overdue taxes and interest
Unable to enjoy import VAT refund
Freeze Amazon account and cannot make any sales
According to EU VAT Directive 2006 / 112 / EC and Amazon's official announcement, the above penalties are imposed for illegal acts of unregistered, unreported and unpaid VAT:


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  • WEEE
    WEEE is the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling Directive. 24 April 2016 German environmental authorities for e-commerce laws, requiring the sale of e-commerce on the Amazon platform to register electronic equipment recycling, if not registered for recycling will face complaints, orders to stop selling, as well as being driven out of the German market
    VerpackG is Germany's new packaging law in 2019, all e-commerce companies are required to package registration and bear the cost of packaging recycling, if caught not complying, will face a fine of 50,000 yuan and sales ban
  • Battery Method
    The Battery Law requires manufacturers, distributors or importers of batteries and accumulators to bear the cost of disposal of these batteries (responsibility for their products as well as for the retrieval and disposal of these products) and if the manufacturer intentionally or negligently fails to meet its legal obligations in a timely manner or in full, this constitutes an administrative offence punishable by a fine of up to €100,000 imposed by the competent authorities.
  • EU Authorized Representative
    EU regulations will come into effect on July 16, 2021, before the regulations come into effect, random checks are constantly conducted; if they do not meet the norms, products without European representative information will be taken off the shelves by sampling/complaints, in order to avoid causing unnecessary trouble, commodity compliance is imperative
  • UK Authorized Representative
    From January 1, 2021, the UKCA logo will be officially used.When products are sold to the UK, CE mark will be gradually disapproved and UKCA mark must be affixed.In the same way, the authorized representative of the EU (eurorepresentative) will not be recognized by the UK market, but will continue to be used in countries outside the UK. Cross-border e-commerce sellers need to entrust the COMPLIANCE officer of the UK (Eurorepresentative).